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Beyond Beauty Team

Beyond Beauty Team

There is no ‘I’ in team!

I feel truly blessed to be able to walk out the door and know that my salon is in safe hands.

Over the last 2 years my life has changed dramatically. I lost both of my parents and became a mummy! And now have number 2 on the way. This means as much as I love my job and my salon, Its not my only baby anymore. So, having a team that I can trust, that I know will work hard, a team that will respect me, our brand and our clients is paramount.

Aoife, Sheila, Morgan & Sinead have been absolutely amazing. Each one of them has been so dedicated to their duties and all I ever hear is amazing reviews from clients for all of them. Each of these wonderful ladies hold a different place at BB and all bring something different. They are all pieces to a puzzle that fit together perfectly, and I feel very lucky to work alongside each and every one of them.

Beyond Beauty Salon Claregalway Galway


I opened the doors of my first salon on the 6th of December 2002. Only 19 years of age my friends thought I was crazy!! But thankfully my amazing parents knew that I was ready and gave me all the encouragement and support that I needed. We have moved premises twice since then but in April 2009 we found our forever home in the heart of Claregalway Village.

When I opened the Salon, I didn’t want to just do eyebrows, nails and make-up! (although I adore doing these treatments to this day!!) I wanted to further my skills and bring advanced treatments to my clients. I wanted to bring something new to Galway!

So, in 2007 I was the first clinic in Galway to introduce ‘Candela GentleLase’ Medical Grade Laser. I had trialled the treatment myself in Dublin so knew how amazing it was! But little did I know that this was the treatment that would put us on the map. We adore Laser but its popularity through the years has allowed me to continually improve the salon year after year bringing the latest most innovative treatments to my clients.

My passions lie in anything where I see a before and after!! Which thankfully for me is pretty much every treatment that I do! But I absolutely love skin. When a client lies on my facial bed whether it be a relaxing facial treatment, or a more advanced treatment like photo-rejuventation, radio frequency or nano fractional skin resurfacing! When I get to see the results of that treatment whether it be when they sit up on the bed that day, or in a few weeks when skin heals, it literally warms my heart ! to be able to make my clients feel good.

The same goes for Laser Hair Removal. I have been doing Laser for a very long time and I pride myself in being a fountain of knowledge when it comes to this treatment. But when I have a client who has suffered years of dealing with unwanted hair growth and I know the results I can achieve for them…. How can you not love your job!!

Karen Beyond Beauty


Karen on Aoife: Aoife joined the BB team in September 2018. I had held so many interviews as I was looking for someone who could add something extra to BB!! I was due my first baby the end of October and needed to find the perfect person to strengthen the team and along came Aoife! After spending a few weeks working alongside Aoife, I immediately knew she would thrive at BB. Aoife is loved by all her clients and has been a wonderful addition to the team.

In Aoife I found a real trooper all always ready to take on a challenge. Her chatty down to earth personality makes her a favourite to so many clients and I feel incredibly lucky to have her as a big part of the team at BB. Aoife is always there to give a helping hand and is a mighty woman for the DIY!!! We would be lost without her.

Although Aoife came to us with lots of experience, she has advanced her skills so much and has trained in all of our advanced skin treatments which she loves doing! Of course, like all of our therapists Aoife is a whizz with Laser and bursting with knowledge!

What Aoife has to say: In 2018 I was very fortunate to be asked to join the team at Beyond Beauty. My qualifications have given me lots of experience in all areas of Beauty, but I especially love Yumi Lashes, HD Brows, Nails, Laser Hair Removal & Radio Frequency Skin Tightening.

Aoife on BB : It is great to work in a salon which values the continuous professional development of its staff, which enables us to offer the most up to date treatments to our clients at the highest standard.

It is so lovely to be a part of a warm friendly team and to have such a wonderful clientele coming in and out of the BB doors every day.


Karen on Sheila: When Sheila joined the team in February 2018, I was looking for someone with lots of experience in Laser Hair Removal, but also someone who loves skin just as much as I do!

When I met with Sheila for her interview her gentle, unassuming personality instantly struck me and I knew she was perfect for my team! After hearing all her experience and passion for what she loves made her even more attractive. Sheila has been a huge asset to the team and I always look forward to seeing the results of her treatments.

What Sheila has to say: I joined the BB team in 2018 having worked in the industry for over 10 years, I love all things Beauty, but I have a true passion for advanced Skin & Laser treatments.

I spent many years in London where I gained vast experience working with different lasers & products, performing treatments from Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo removal, Skin Rejuvenation, and skin peels. I guess this is where my real passion for advanced treatments came from.

I took a little break form Beauty after having my first two children and had been thinking about getting back into it when I saw Karen’s ad.

Sheila on BB: I feel so lucky at BB to be able to work with some of the best technology and products in the industry alongside an amazing team of Ladies.

I absolutely love working with my clients and seeing the results we can achieve really is amazing.

Shiela Beyond Beauty


Karen on Morgan: When Morgan walked through the doors of BB for her interview, I instantly knew she would be an amazing asset to our team. Her warm bright personality makes her a favourite with both young and older clients. She is an amazing therapist and fantastic at every single one of her treatments. Morgan gives time to her clients but is also very efficient which people love!

When Morgan started with us her favourite treatments were brows and nails but now the list is endless, and she excels at every single one of them. I have enjoyed watching Morgan grow in confidence since she joined our team, and she brings plenty of laughs to my day! I feel incredibly lucky to have her.

What Morgan has to say: ‘I love doing treatments that create a real transformation. The look of confidence on my clients face when they look in the mirror and see the finished result makes my day. Treatments like Brows, & Yumi Lashes are an instant thing when a client looks in the mirror which is why I love them and am so busy with them!!

Laser Hair Removal is by far one of Morgan’s favourite and most popular treatments! Why??? Because the results ae amazing! And speak for themselves. Hearing how happy her clients are and being a part of their journey is amazing. You build such a rapport as you are seeing clients every 6 weeks. Seeing their confidence grow with each session whether it be body or facial hair brings a smile to Morgan’s face and that is what our job is all about. Making people Happy!

Morgan on BB: As much as I love the treatments, I would not be able to do it without the amazing set up Karen has in the salon. I am so lucky to work with such an amazing bunch of girls we have the chats and the laughs in between client’s, and we have all become so close. We all work as a team and try to help each other out as much as we can throughout the day. I love going into work each day and feel privileged to be apart of the BB Team.

Morgan Beyond Beauty


Karen on Sinead: When I met Sinead for her interview in Treat Café in Claregalway and saw her big bright smile I knew she was exactly what we were looking for. We had a lot of changes over the last year and I was looking to secure a team for the long haul. Sinead had all the experience I was looking for, as well as the bubbliest warm personality. Sinead brings a smile to every one’s face and brings so much laughter to each day.

When Sinead started with us, I had explained I needed someone to fill the boots of a wax queen! And a make up fairy! Which she fulfilled!! Her attention to detail and creative flair with make up is just fabulous and I love to see her client’s happy faces. I have enjoyed watching Sinead grow in confidence as a therapist and advance in all the new treatments she is doing at BB.

What Sinead Has to say: The treatments I love doing the most are Laser & Make Up although they are polar opposites, the reason is that we are building our clients confidence. When a client comes in for their Laser treatment and they tell you how good their hair growth has been it lifts your spirits knowing they are happy with the service. When I finish a clients make up and they take a look in the mirror and say they love it, it makes your job so worth while to see the smile on their face.

Sinead on BB: Its hard to describe in words how nice it is to be apart of the BB team so the easiest way of saying it is, its like coming in to see your friends every day. The 5 of us are so close and having the chats and a laugh with the girls makes every day easy. I could not ask for a better team to be a part of.

Sinéad Beyond Beauty