What areas can be enhanced?


Never use eyebrow pencil again. Our techniques are the ideal way to create perfectly shaped eyebrows in a soft mist of colour or simulated hair strokes. For eyebrows that are sparse or have non existent hair growth, that are too pale or need an anti-ageing lift effect permanent cosmetic enhancement is the perfect solution.


Permanent cosmetic eye enhancement can create a natural looking effect that achieves the appearance of thicker looking lashes or a perfectly shaped liner that never smudges or wipes away. Available in various shades to emphasise the natural colour of the eyes and perfect for those who are allergic to conventional make- up.

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Permanent makeup-before and after

Permanent makeup-before and after


Accomplish a youthful fuller looking mouth by re-defi ning the lip contour and enhancing the lip shape. Our unique ‘lip blush’ effect defi nes the lip contour and gives a haze of colour throughout the body of the lip. An array of shades are available and the enhancement can create either a ‘barely there’ or ‘more striking’ look. Permanent cosmetic lip enhancement also minimises the appearance of fi ne lines around the mouth and the need for lipstick.
Lips Permanent Make-up

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