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Permanent Make-up Galway

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What is permanent make up?

The infusion of hypo-allergenic pigments into
the dermal layer of the skin- a process that
mirrors perfectly applied make-up and the lasts
many months, fading gradually. The technique is
designed to be completely safe and is approved by
dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

What are the benefits?

*It doesn’t smudge.
*It doesn’t irritate the skin.
*It is so subtle and natural looking that is suitable
for those who wish to enhance their appearance
without others knowing.
*Enhancements can replicate eyebrow hair, where
hair has been lost due to alopecia and overplucking
*A non surgical solution to anti- ageing giving lift to
the brows and fuller lips.

What will I look like after my procedure?

The colour will appear a darker shade than the
desired result for between 4 to 14 days after the
procedure and mild redness and swelling may be
apparent for a few days.

How long will my look last?

Permanent cosmetic enhancement can last for
many years, dependent on many variables. Softer
neutral enhancements tend to fade faster, normally
requiring a colour boost every 12 -18 months to
maintain their fresh appearance.

Will it hurt?

We use effective numbing agents to minimise
discomfort. The discomfort felt can be likened to
that associated with a mild scratching.

Is the process safe?

We choose to work only with hypo-allergenic
pigments that meet European medical standards.
We always perform an allergy test before the
treatment commences.

Is the process a form of tattooing?

Permanent cosmetics- also known as semi
permanent make up or micro-pigmentation- is an
advanced form of tattooing, however the pigments
are not infused as deeply into the skin and therefore
your enhancement will not have the permanency of
a conventional tattoo.