Knowing your Skin Type

Good Skin can make you look healthy, and achieving a clear complexion is everyone’s goal right?? The most important thing to know when looking after your skin is to know your skin type. You can spend fortunes on products but if they are not suitable for your skin type then its pointless!

Most salons provide skin scanning, mapping or analysis but to give you an idea of your skin type have a look at the list below.

Normal Skin – is extremely rare! looks clear, has even colour, neither tight nor greasy, soft and supple to touch, feels quite elastic.

Dry Skin– Generally lacks in natural oils. This can be caused by environment i.e. sun , wind, cold. Usually it is an under activity of the sebaceous glands which produce our natural oils. Dry skin is pale in colour, looks thin, tightens after washing, looks flaky, has dull appearance, fine lines appear prematurely around the eyes, broken capillaries may appear.

Dehydrated Skin is often mistaken for dry skin as many of the characteristics are the same. However dehydration is caused by a lack of water rather than natural oil. Try to drink more water and avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking and extremes of temperature in addition to using the correct skin care products.

Sensitive Skin-This skin type is becoming increasingly more common due in part to the environment but also to the sensitivity of many people to external stimulants. The skin will look thin, has a translucent appearance, feels very tight after washing, reacts by becoming red and blotchy, prone to dry flaky patches and broken capillaries, and it will wrinkle prematurely.

Oily Skin– This is most common in the teenage years due to hormonal activity. Oily skin has a sallow complexion, will look thicker, shiny appearance due to an over production of natural oil in the skin, open pores especially in the T-Zone, visible blackheads and spots.

Combination Skin– From a young age many of you will have characteristics from more than one of the four main skin types. There are now many products on the market that cater for a combination skin using ingredients that are suitable for the most sensitive parts while treating the rest effectively.

Please take all this into consideration when buying your skin care products if you are not getting advise from your therapist. It is out job to guide you in the right direction so never be afraid to ask!

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