Get the perfect Tan

Fake it- But make it real!!

Tanning Fake tan GalwayGetting the perfect tan is so important. We have all cringed at the girl at a wedding with a dodgy tan.Exfoliate your skin well the week before your spray tan. Concentrate on dry areas like elbows ,knees and ankles. Moisturise well every day from top to bottom. On the day of your tanning keep your skin free of everything. Products on the skin will stop your tan from sticking so make sure you have all the hard work done earlier in the week. If your hands or ankles are espacially dry make sure you have exfoliated a few times throughout the week.

Tan is available in various shades not so choose one suitable for your skin type. An 8 % comes up lovely on a fair skin whereas a 12% can be too dark. Auim to go for a golden glow and not a completely false look. this will also make it easier to match up foundations etc.

Wear loose dark clothing on the day of your tan and avoid water for 24 hours.

If you are going on holidays moisturise moisturise moisturise this will make your tan to wear off evenly and not give away any tell tale signs!

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