CANDELA GentleLase PRO – Short Video Presentation

Candela GentleLase Pro Laser hair removal

Please view this short video presentation on Candela GentleLase Pro Laser hair removal:

Candela GentleLase Pro Launch at Beyond Beauty

Candela GentleLase Pro Launch & Customer Appreciation Evening was held recently at Beyond Beauty Laser & Skin Care Clinic, Claregalway.

Candela GentleLase Pro Launch & Customer Appreciation Evening was held recently at Beyond Beauty Laser & Skin Care Clinic, Claregalway.
Watch the video here.
The evening was hosted by Lisa Fitzpatrick.

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Candela GentleLase Pro Launch

Candela GentleLase Pro Launch & Customer Appreciation Evening was held recently
at Beyond Beauty Laser & Skin Care Clinic, Claregalway.
The evening was hosted by Lisa Fitzpatrick.

The Perfect Time to start Laser, all you need to know!

There is always alot confusion surrounding the world of Laser hair removal so this is a complete overview of how it works!

At Beyond Beauty we use Candela GentleLase Pro. The GentleLase Pro is the most recent and premier Laser available in todays market. If you are thinking about choosing us for your laser treatments or have already chosen us then I can promise you what you will get is:

Highly Experienced Staff-Prestegious standards-Professionalism-Advanced Technology

We are not a chain of salons we are one hard working salon now almost 12 years in business. We get to know our clients, we try our best to keep you with the same therapist. We aim to make your treatments as comfortable as possible in a friendly, clean enviroment.

Candela GentleLase PRO at Beyond BeautyHow it works?? Laser targets the pigment in the hair known as melanin. This means the darker and more coarse the hair the better the reaction you will get. We use Alexandrite Laser Candela GentleLase Pro. This is a medical grade laser with a very specific job which is targeting melanin! unlike IPL which is a dispersed light. This means that because the light is dispersed you are not getting the reaction that you will with a true Laser as the light is too concentrated. Laser cannot work on very fair, light or grey hairs as there is no pigment for the Laser to pick up on.

What can I do in between treatments? The ONLY thing you can do between treatments is shave the area. Every time we treat a hair this particular hair dies but we have many different hairs growing through one follicle so if you remove the hair in between treatment (i.e plucking or waxing) you are defeating the purpose of your laser treatments. You can shave as often as you like in between treatments you NEVER have to let the hair grow just make sure the only thing you do is shave!! If you are nervous about facial hair you can cut the hair but then 24 hours before your treatment you must shave the area so the hair is below the surface of the skin. It needs to be below the surface of the skin because the hair gets so hot during treatment that if the hair is above the skin the hair itself can actually burn the skin.

You MUST Shave 24 hours Prior to each treatment. Your skin is very sensitive so when we ask you to shave 24hours prior to your treatment it is not to make our job easier it is to protect your skin from burns and nasty reactions. Buy yourself a good razor and use a shaving foam also so you can give yourself a clean tight shave without any abrasions. We cannot treat skin that have been shaven the same day as treatment or if it has redness/irritation or cuts as it really will cause you unnecessary discomfort.

What happens after your laser treatment? The normal reaction to laser is red and bumpy skin almost like a nettle sting. The more dark and coarse the hair the more red and bumpy it will go. This reaction will usually settle between 2 and 48 hours but is different for everyone. After your treatment the hair will seem a little stuck under the skin almost like an ingrown hair. This is just a reaction to the laser the hair is not ingrown, this hair is now dead. But this hair may need a little help!! we recommend that you lightly exfoliate over the area to help the hair break through the surface of the skin. It will then take between 1 and 2 weeks for this dead hair to push itself out and fall out of the skin. Usually then we have about a week where there is no hair growth at all at week 3, and then the next set of hairs will start to grow through about week 5. This means that we see you back for your next treatment between week 6 & 8.

The Hair Growth Cycle: Every hair growth stage is different. we always find there is a huge reduction after the 1st session and clients come back thinking they will only need 2 or 3 sessions! but then when they come back for session 3 this can often be a heavy dense growth again. Don’t think that your laser is not working this is the different hair growth stages so bare with it!! you will reap the benefits over your course of sessions.

Tanned Skin and False Tan! We CANNOT treat a skin that is tanned. Melanin is the main pigment in skin as well as hair. If you are naturally sallow then we have settings to work with that skin/hair type. But if your skin is tanned because of sun exposure it is a completely different story. When the Melanin in our skin is dormant(not exposed to the sun) then we can work with our Laser setting to best suit your hair type. But when the skin is exposed to sun then the Melanin in our skin becomes active and moves to the upper levels of our skin which means that the Laser will also target this melanin. If Laser targets the melanin in the skin it means that this part of your skin will Hypo-pigment meaning a loss of color. The area we treat can turn many shades lighter than the rest of your skin and can last for a very very long time!!This is why we recommend your last Laser treatment be 2 weeks prior to Sun Holidays and you next treatments be at least 6 weeks post Sun Exposure depending on the depth of your tan. Sunbeds are a complete NO NO during your course of treatment.

False tan can be used in between laser sessions but you must stop using false tan on the areas being treated 2 Weeks prior to your treatment to make sure there is no trace of tan on the skin. We cannot treat the skin if there is any trace of false tan on the area as this will cause the skin to burn.

Pregnancy & Breast Feeding: There is no evidence to show that laser will cause any reactions during pregnancy or breastfeeding but this is not something that anyone is willing to risk! Your baby is precious so we cannot treat during pregnancy or while you are breast feeding so please let your Laser Therapist know and we can put a hold on your course of treatments for 12 months.

Medications: It is EXTREMELY important to notify us of ANY changes in medications during your course of treatments. There aremany medication that make the skin photo-sensitive (sensitive to light) meaning we can have adverse reaction after a treatment (i.e. bruising, burns) alot of medications need to be 2 weeks out of the system before we can treat. So any anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines, any changes at all PLEASE pick up the phone 091 799392 and ask!! we are here to help. If you do feel the need to take pain relief before a treatment the only one you can use in regular Panadol.

When to come back?? for the face we recommend intervals of 4 to 6 weeks, For the body it can be anything from 6 weeks to 10 weeks! If there is enough hair that you feel you need to shave then you are definatley ready to come back but if you have not noticed hair and have not needed to shave then I would definatley call and push out your appointment for at least 2 weeks to give the hair a chance to come through.

How many sessions will I need?? For body hair the average amout of treatments is between 6 and 10. For the face there is always maintenance as hormones in women run wild! However there are many factors which affect hair growth i.e stress, hormones, skin type, hair type, diet the list goes on so results are different for everyone and are not guaranteed but you have chosen the very best and we aim to get you the best results possible.

How long will my sessions last? Sessions last anything from 30 second to 1 hour! depending on the amount of areas. Usually facial areas about 5 mins, Bikini & U-arm 10 mins, Lower leg 10 mins, Full leg 25 mins……. in other words treatments are very fast and can easily be done on your lunch break.

And Finally does it Hurt!!!! I would lie if i said you feel nothing, but the GL PRO is the most pain free system out there! Laser feels like the flick of an elastic band.if is uncomfortable more than painful but what i will say is that it is intense! its over very quickly and the results are worth every bit of it!

If there Is anything here that I have not covered please do not hesitate to mail me and I will be only happy to help! I hope this gives you a better idea of your journey to becoming hair free, we are very excited for every person that comes through our door to see just how amazing life becomes without unwanted hair!!If after reading this you feel you are not suitable for laser we are experts in Hair Removal and offer a wide range of treatments including Lycon Wax, Alexandrite Body Sugaring, Threading and Electrolysis so we we will find a way to make your life easier!

Karen Comer Beyond Beauty Laser and Skin Care Clinic

Karen xxxx

Knowing your Skin Type

Good Skin can make you look healthy, and achieving a clear complexion is everyone’s goal right?? The most important thing to know when looking after your skin is to know your skin type. You can spend fortunes on products but if they are not suitable for your skin type then its pointless!

Most salons provide skin scanning, mapping or analysis but to give you an idea of your skin type have a look at the list below.

Normal Skin – is extremely rare! looks clear, has even colour, neither tight nor greasy, soft and supple to touch, feels quite elastic.

Dry Skin– Generally lacks in natural oils. This can be caused by environment i.e. sun , wind, cold. Usually it is an under activity of the sebaceous glands which produce our natural oils. Dry skin is pale in colour, looks thin, tightens after washing, looks flaky, has dull appearance, fine lines appear prematurely around the eyes, broken capillaries may appear.

Dehydrated Skin is often mistaken for dry skin as many of the characteristics are the same. However dehydration is caused by a lack of water rather than natural oil. Try to drink more water and avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking and extremes of temperature in addition to using the correct skin care products.

Sensitive Skin-This skin type is becoming increasingly more common due in part to the environment but also to the sensitivity of many people to external stimulants. The skin will look thin, has a translucent appearance, feels very tight after washing, reacts by becoming red and blotchy, prone to dry flaky patches and broken capillaries, and it will wrinkle prematurely.

Oily Skin– This is most common in the teenage years due to hormonal activity. Oily skin has a sallow complexion, will look thicker, shiny appearance due to an over production of natural oil in the skin, open pores especially in the T-Zone, visible blackheads and spots.

Combination Skin– From a young age many of you will have characteristics from more than one of the four main skin types. There are now many products on the market that cater for a combination skin using ingredients that are suitable for the most sensitive parts while treating the rest effectively.

Please take all this into consideration when buying your skin care products if you are not getting advise from your therapist. It is out job to guide you in the right direction so never be afraid to ask!

K xBBx

Protect Your Skin!

No matter what age you are it is so important to protect your skin with an SPF.

UV RAYS are extremely harmful to your skin and can cause premature ageing, pigmentation (freckles, ages spots), and in the long term abuse can cause skin cancer.

I recommend to wear a minimum of SPF 25 every day all year round. You may think you are safe in winter but you are so wrong! We only get one skin in this life so look after it and stay beautiful for as long as possible.

Yonka do some amazing sun protection products , also our Skinician range has a moisturiser with an integrated SPF. Also our Make Up Range Jane Iredale has a selection of foundations but the tinted moisturiser and pressed powder contain a natural SPF and are recommended by the Skin Cancer association.

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Get the perfect Tan

Fake it- But make it real!!

Tanning Fake tan GalwayGetting the perfect tan is so important. We have all cringed at the girl at a wedding with a dodgy tan.Exfoliate your skin well the week before your spray tan. Concentrate on dry areas like elbows ,knees and ankles. Moisturise well every day from top to bottom. On the day of your tanning keep your skin free of everything. Products on the skin will stop your tan from sticking so make sure you have all the hard work done earlier in the week. If your hands or ankles are espacially dry make sure you have exfoliated a few times throughout the week.

Tan is available in various shades not so choose one suitable for your skin type. An 8 % comes up lovely on a fair skin whereas a 12% can be too dark. Auim to go for a golden glow and not a completely false look. this will also make it easier to match up foundations etc.

Wear loose dark clothing on the day of your tan and avoid water for 24 hours.

If you are going on holidays moisturise moisturise moisturise this will make your tan to wear off evenly and not give away any tell tale signs!

Karen xbbx


The perfect Base for Make Up!

fake-tan-galwayWhether you are getting married, have an important event coming up or just want to improve how your make up looks try these few tips!!

*Drink More Water

*Exfoliate 1-2 times per week. Make up will stick to dry patches on skin and cause patchiness throughout the day so regular exfoliation will eliminate this.

*Always leave your moisturiser on for about 20 mins before applying foundation. This will allow the moisturiser to soak into your skin so there is not a film causing make up to slide off.

*Supplements make a huge difference to skin so Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Omega Fish oils will make a huge improvement to skin.

*Beware of chemicals. I love Jane Iredale Mineral make up and it is good for my skin. Look at ingredients and avoid products full of parabens, talcs and dyes.

K xbbx

Hydrating your Skin

Galway Facial TreatmentsI find all of my clients are complaining about dull lifeless skin that is feeling tight. The weather we have been having has not helped along with heating and air con etc but here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and young!

*Eat foods rich in vitamins-Leafy Greens , and fruits but try and stay as organic as possible. If not organic always wash everything well.

*Drink 2 litres of water per day

*Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise EVERY morning and evening.

*Use products suitable for your skin type and try your best ot exfoliate 1-2 times per week. Our skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells so we need to exfoliate these off to keep the skin looking fresh.

*If you wear a full make up every day try to do a double cleanse at night. One to remove make up and one to actually clean the skin.

*Take some supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Omega 3 fish oils which are all amazing for your skin.

Make a strart with these few changes and see the difference it will make to your complexion.

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Laser Hair Removal Buyer Beware!!

Have you been thinking about Laser Hair Removal??? Buyer Beware. Make sure you are looking for Medical Grade Laser and NOT IPL there is a huge difference if you want long term results! Medical grade Laser is much more specific than an IPL it targets only the Melanin which is the pigment in the Hair and Skin which means it is not concentrated Light. Although you will see hair reduction with IPL it will not be anything like what you will see with a medical grade laser. We use only FDA APPROVED Medical Grade Laser Candela GentleLase Pro at BB which means it is proven to work!

Karen xbbx