Hair Removal

Waxing by Lycon

Using only the finest resins , natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm.
The elite Lycon Brand offers a choice of Hot Wax, Strip Wax and Lycon’s unique Lycojet  waxes, complemented by pre and after waxing lotions, allowing the right combination to be tailored for total customer satisfaction.
We aim to make your waxing experience as speedy and as comfortable as possible.


Eyebrows           €9
Lip, Chin or Sides of face        €8 each
Lip & Chin    €12
U-arm    €10
Half arm  €12
Full arm  €15
Tummy €10
Half Leg   €15
Upper Leg (inc Regular Bikini)     €22
Full Leg                €25
Full Leg (inc Regular Bikini) €30
Regular Bikini       €14

Specialised Waxing

Californian (neat rectangle)    €25
Brazilian (landing strip)       €35
Hollywood (all gone)         €45

Male Waxing

Back or Chest             €30
Back & Chest            €50
Back & Shoulders        €40

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Waxing and electrolysis Galway

Waxing Combinations

Lip & Eyebrows             €14
Full Face (lip, chin, sides of face,
& brows)             €30
Half Leg, Regular Bikini & U-arm     €30
Full Leg, Regular Bikini & U-arm      €40

Electrolysis (needle method)

5 minutes     €8
10 minutes    €12
15-20 minutes           €16
20-30 minutes     €23


Threading is a depilation technique which originated in India. It involves twisting a piece of cotton thread which is then used to pick up a line of hairs and remove it, without irritating the skin. Threading is ideal for the face especially on downy hair as it leaves a more blended finish than waxing.

Eyebrows €12
Upper Lip €10
Chin €12
Neck €12
Sides of Face €15
2 Areas on Face €18
(Lip, chin, Neck or sides of Face)
3 Areas on Face €24
(Lip, Chin, Neck or sides of Face)
Full Face €29
(Lip, Chin, Neck & Sides of Face)

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