Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make-up in Galway / Enhancement Consultation is FREE.
Karen owner of Beyond Beauty has been carrying out permanent cosmetic treatments since 2005. She originally trained in the UK and continued her education in the USA.

Consultation is an extremely important part of this treatment and Karen likes to meet with everyone for an initial consultation before booking your treatment to discuss how to make to work best for you and to carry out a patch test.

A lot of time is spent discussing and testing colours, drawing and measuring so you will be 100% confident before going ahead with your treatment

Hair Stroke Eyebrows

3D effect to mimic the look of natural hair.
Suitable for someone with little or no hair as it looks so natural.


(Choice of colours from blondes to dark brown/ black)
Colour Mist Eyebrows: Full colour behind the eyebrow.
Suitable for someone that has a good brow but wants more density and fullness. €500

Galway permanent make-up

Permanent Make Up

The infusion of hypo-allergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin is a process that mirrors perfectly applied make-up for eyes, brows and lips. The enhancement lasts 18 months and will gradually fade over time.

Permanent Make-up / Enhancement Consultation is FREE.

We can use pencil to draw & give you an idea of what your enhancement will look like so you are fully happy with shape and colour before you go ahead with the treatment.

Please contact the salon if you would like to discuss the treatments further or if you have any questions.

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Permanent Cosmetic Enhancements FAQ
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