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Luxury False Tanning

It is our aim to help you achieve a safe healthy, glowing skin with some of the best tans available in today’s market ‘he-shi’. Our tans are Odourless, Paraben Free, and are bursting with natural ingredients.
– Instant, golden and natural finished colour
– Fast drying
– Perfect Fade
– Suitable for face and body
– Different colours to suit all skin types

Vita Liberata & He-Shi

Full Body €30
Half Body €22

Rapid Tan

(can be showered after 1 hour but for a deeper tan we recommend leaving for 4 hours)
Full Body €35
Half Body €28

Tantastic or Bronze Express

Full Body €25
Half Body €18>

False Tans
At Beyond Beauty We guarantee you a Professional Bronzing Treatment giving you a choice of Fake Tans including Karora, Australian Gold, Au Courant & Bronze Express to suit different skin types.

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Advantages of our Spray Tans
Contain organic & natural ingredients, Colour guide for flawless application, they are moisturising, firming and are long lasting with a perfect fade.

Alcohol free

Non sticky leaving the skin soft and smooth

Rapidly absorbs into the skin

Enriched with anti-oxidant Vitamins A, E & C

Fake tan is a great way to prepare for holidays, weddings or other special events! Plus it can diminish the appearance of cellulite!

Tanning Fake tan Galway

Spray Tan Tips
Shaving is recommended a minimum of twenty four hours before tanning as the skin can become irritated.

Wear loose dark clothing on day of tanning.

In order to obtain the best results, use an exfoliator product the day before a tanning session and avoid using moisturizing products immediately before treatment.

The tan will last from 4 to 8 days depending on your skin type, skin condition and frequency of washing. So, try not to let more than 5 to 8 days go by between applications, and get into the habit of booking your next session while you are in the salon.

That way your tan will remain intense and glamorous.
Remember: Healthy well moisturized skin is not only more beautiful, but also maintains your tan longer

View the full range of tanning treatments available at Beyond Beauty